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Small Group Questions for Easter Sunday

  1. Talk about your memories of Easter as a child. What meaning was attached to Jesus' death for you then?

  2. Read Luke 24:1-12. What was Jesus' closest followers' initial response to the employ tomb? Do you identify with the disciples' doubts about the resurrection? How does their subsequent belief affect the credibility of their testimonies?
  3. ​Read 1 Peter 1:3-9. Have you experienced pain or suffering that makes it difficult for you to have faith?

  4. Do you know someone who have experienced pain or suffering but still has enduring faith? If you were to ask them how or why do you think they would respond?

  5. ​What's the difference between having a faith that hinges on behavior, tradition, or the bible and a faith that hinges on the resurrection?

  6. Read the following statements. Which ones hit the closest to home today?

    Forgiveness is available. You can e forgiven and have right standing with God
    You are free to forgive in return.
    You can be free from the power of sin.
    You don't have to fear death. You can spend eternity in heaven.
    Suffering is not evidence of God's obedience.
    You are loved by God.
    Your faith can depend on a historical event - the resurrection of Jesus.
    God is for us because Jesus died for us, not because things always work out for us.
    You have an inheritance that will never fade. You are God's child.


  7. What might change if you freed yourself to believe that what you've chosen is true?


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