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Small Group Questions for Sermon - The Day Jesus Died


1. When was a time that you felt panicked or fearful? Why did you feel this way?

2. How does your faith react in the face of fear?


3. Read John 4:6-41. What stands out to you in the story of the woman at the well?

4. What is some chore you have to do every day that gets old? How would that look different if you spoke to Jesus while performing that chore?

5. When was a time that you felt like you needed a break from someone because of the way they looked down on you? Explain.

6. When Jesus used the phrase, "living water." what do you think He means by that?

7. The woman was looking for love in all the wrong places. Where do people look to fill that God sized void today? Why?

8. This woman who was not a follower of Jesus, brought the town out to meet Jesus. Why do you think she would risk it all to do that?

9. Read John 3:1-17 How were Nicodemus' fears and the woman's fears similar? How were they different?

10. Why do you think Jesus uses the idea of being born again to indicate what it means to be one of God's people?

11. With Easter approaching, what is something you find inspiring and unique about the way God chose to save us? What is God teaching you during this season of Easter? Who is someone you need to invite to sit with you this Easter?

12. How can we pray for you?


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