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Small Group Questions for Guest Speaker Series Week 6 Rusty Miller

  1. Without research, discuss the definition of faith.

    1. Are there differences between your definition of faith and others in your group?

    2. What does the application of faith look like? Explore various scenarios where faith can be demonstrated in today’s world.

  2. Read Luke 8:43-48 and Matthew 9:18-26.

    1. Observation: What differences do you notice between both accounts?

    2. What similarities are noticeable?

  3. How would you define faith based on the stories of Jairus and the bleeding woman?

  4. How do you think societal expectations and beliefs may have affected the bleeding woman's experience, and what can we learn from Jesus' response to her situation?

  5. How does Jesus' response to Jairus and the grieving family teach us about compassion and empathy?

  6. What lessons can we learn about perseverance and hope from Jairus and the bleeding woman's stories?

  7. What is one area where you need to practice/apply faith in a new way?


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