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Small Group Questions for Guest Teacher Series Week 1 - Blake Stockman

1) Share a time you remember being your happiest? (Any time you've been happy will work)


2) Who do you see as being someone that builds you up as a person? "Bad company corrupts good character.”


3) Are there people in your life that negatively impact you? How should we handle such people?


4) What does prayer time look like for you on a regular basis?


5) Sacrificing for others seems to be an inevitable part of growing up. Whether we get married or have kids, or have to work on a team for a goal greater than ourselves. In what ways are you working to serve others? Or in what ways should you strive to start serving others.


6) Happiness as a goal, is not good nor fulfilling. But happiness as a byproduct of doing something good is a wonderful reward. How might knowing this help you when times are tough and happiness is tough to come by?



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