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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Faith Full Week 3 - It’s Personal

Nothing causes us to depend on God more than pushing through our inadequacies to help other people.
When we serve in a ministry we take personally, we experience God’s power and faithfulness.

1. Are you currently serving at One Life or another church? If so, what role do you have, and how has your faith benefited? If not, what barriers to serving are you currently facing?

2. If you’ve been part of a church for any period of time, you’ve benefited from volunteers who serve. Can you think of a volunteer at your church who inspires you?

3. Have you ever felt an internal nudge to do something for someone else that you didn’t feel equipped to do and would require a lot of you? How did you respond?

4. Based on your experience, how would you describe the relationship between serving others and your faith?

5. Are you planning to serve at One Life this season?

“I’ll do what I can do, and trust God to do what only he can do.”


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