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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Emotions - Week 3

1. How do you feel about expressing anger? Are you comfortable with it, or do you tend to downplay it?

2. What’s your typical way of expressing anger when you feel it?

3. What makes you angrier—when you’re mistreated, or when someone you love is mistreated? Why do you think there’s a difference between the two? 


4. In your effort to be right, have you ever forgotten to be loving? What was that situation like? What did you learn from it?

5. How might remembering God’s forgiveness of your sins change the way you approach people who have hurt or mistreated you or those you love?


6. What injustices make you feel angry?

7. When you feel anger over injustice, how can you turn the tables by loving people?

Spend time this week thanking God for His forgiveness of your sins. Ask Him to help you show His love to others the next time you feel angry.


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