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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Elijah Week 4

1. Describe one of the loneliest moments of your life. How did you make it through such a difficult time? Read 1 Kings 19:1-21. What did Elijah pray when he had fled to a lonely place? (19:3-5)

2. How did God miraculously care for Elijah in the desert? (19:6-9)

3. What did God say to Elijah when the prophet had taken refuge in a cave? (19:9). How did Elijah express his despair about his circumstances? (19:10) speak to people? What did God command Elijah to do? (19:11)


4. What disturbances of nature did Elijah witness from inside the cave? (19:11-13). What question did God repeat in the "gentle whisper"? (9:13). What was Elijah’s reply after seeing the demonstrations of God’s power? (19:14)

5. What "marching orders" did Elijah receive from God? (19:15-17)


6. Do you think Elijah was justified in being discouraged by his circumstances? Why do you think God revealed Himself to Elijah when the prophet was discouraged?


7. What strikes you as unusual about God’s question to Elijah in the cave? Describe a situation where it felt like you were the only believer?


8. What important lesson did Elijah learn about how God chooses to speak to people?


9. What are some ways that you can remind yourself that God is in control when you are in the middle of difficult circumstances?


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