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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Elijah Week 2

1. Why do you think people tend to idolize entertainers, musicians and athletes?

2. Read 1 Kings 18:1-46. What did God tell Elijah to do after almost three years of drought? (18:1-2)

3. What was Obadiah’s story? (18:3-4) What attitude did Obadiah have toward Elijah? (18:7)
What did Obadiah assume about Elijah’s ability to escape the king? (18:12)

4.  Whom did Elijah hold accountable for Israel’s troubles? (18:18) How did the people respond when Elijah confronted them with their double-mindedness? (18:21)

5.  How did the people respond to the confrontation Elijah proposed between Baal and God? (18:22-24)

6.  What happened to the altar of the Lord when Elijah prayed? (18:38)

7.How did the people react when they saw fire burn up Elijah’s offering?

8.  What measures did Elijah take to make the lighting of his sacrifice much
harder than the sacrifice to Baal? What did Elijah perceive that God was doing in Israel through this show-down?


9.  Despite the drama of the fire consuming the sacrifice, why did Elijah not
assume that God would come through with the promised rain? To what extent is God obligated to answer our prayers to vindicate His own name?

10. How might God use you this week to confront someone you know that is
worshiping a false god?


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