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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Different Week 1


  1. Let’s make sure everyone knows each other. Share your name, how long you’ve been part of this church, and something “different” about you.

  2. What really stuck with you from the message?

  3. Read 1 Peter 1:1. How can you identify as a foreigner, exile, stranger, or sojourner?

  4. Why do you think God doesn’t miraculously keep you from experiencing any trials?

  5. Think of a time when a trial revealed your faith. What kind of faith did it reveal: inherited faith, shallow faith, conditional faith, or genuine faith?

  6. Have you experienced a trial that drew you closer to God? What caused you to move closer to God instead of moving away from Him?

  7. What trial are you facing right now? How can you begin to trust God with it? 

  8. Start each day by committing your worries and disappointments to God in prayer. Tell Him and show Him you trust Him. 


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