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Sermon Series Circle Your Wagons Week 3 - Gently Used


We all believe exercise is good for us, but we don’t always head to the gym or go on a run. But to get in shape we have to exercise. We have to get off the couch and do it. And, isn’t it easier when we have someone to keep us accountable? The same is true of our faith; we can only get so far on our own.

Small Group Questions

  1. Talk about something you’ve accomplished as part of a group or team. Why couldn’t you have achieved that result on your own?

  2. Your relationship with God isn’t just about your vertical relationship with Him; it’s also about your horizontal relationships with other people. Have you ever grown in your faith because of your relationship with someone else? 

  3. Have you given anyone permission to help you practically live out your faith by asking you tough questions, inspiring you to be courageous, and then following up? Do you also help others put their belief into action? How?

  4. Read Hebrews 10:19–25. Is there anything in your life you’re trying to do (or get through) on your own right now? How can this group spur you on or encourage you?

  5. Faith comes alive in community. Take some time to celebrate the ways this group has spurred one another on already. If you need a place to start, use The One Another List:​

  • Accept one another

  • Care for one another

  • Encourage one another

  • Submit to one another

  • Restore one another

  • Carry one another’s burdens

  • Forgive one another

  • Bear with one another


6. When we isolate ourselves from each other, we inevitably isolate ourselves from God. What are some practical ways you can continue to spur one another on and encourage each other to grow in your faith?


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