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Discussions Questions for Sermon Series Called Week 2 Reclaim Your Calling


  1. What are some things you do when you start feeling physically or emotionally drained? 

  2. What’s your favorite way to recharge when you are worn out?

  3. God calls us to salvation, sanctification, and service. How does that influence the way you view your calling?

  4. What are some ways your calling has cost you? How have you seen your calling sustain you?

  5. God’s gifts and call can never be withdrawn. What, if anything, would change about your life if you focused on that truth more often? 

  6. Has God ever called you to do something even though you felt unprepared? What happened?

  7. What practical steps can you take to pursue your calling this week? 

    Spend time this week asking God to direct you and sustain you as you pursue His calling. 


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