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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Pre-Decide Week 7
When You Want To Give Up


  1. What are some qualities of successful people?

  2. Which part of the message was the most impactful for you and why?

  3. What’s your typical attitude when you’re starting something new, as compared to when you need to finish something up?

  4. Read 2 Corinthians 8:10-11. What have you started that you still need to finish?

  5. What are some differences between enthusiasm and endurance? How could you focus more on endurance this week?

  6. What specific things has God called you to do? Do your actions show that you’re running for yourself or that you’re running for God? In what ways could you run for God even more?

What have you committed to that you need to finish? Share it with your Small Group, and then work toward the finish line this week.


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