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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series What Would Jesus Undo -

Week 5 


  1. In what ways have you felt oppressed or unequal? Gender, race, ethnicity etc…

  2. Read Luke 8:1-3. Why would Luke specifically mention the demons being cast out of Mary Magdalene?

  3. Do you feel that your oppression is holding you back from fully committing your life to Jesus?

  4. Why was Mary Magdalene the first person that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection?

  5. Jesus came to liberate the oppressed. How can we reflect on this today?

  6. How can you free the oppressed in today's world?

  7. How has oppression divided the church today? In what ways can we stop this?

  8. How can we use the stories of Jesus to stop oppression and injustice in the world?


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