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Small Group Questions for Unsinkable Faith Week 4

1. What does the story of Noah teach us about the consequences of misusing God's blessings, as seen in Genesis 9:20-21?


2. Why is it significant that this is the first mention of wine in the Bible, and what warning does it carry regarding drunkenness?


3. How does Noah's experience with wine and drunkenness parallel Adam's sin and shame in the Garden of Eden?


4. In Genesis 9:22, how did Ham respond to his father's shame, and what does this reveal about his character?


5. What contrasting reactions do we see from Shem and Japheth when they discover their father's shame in Genesis 9:23, and what can we learn from their actions?


6. How do Shem and Japheth's actions reflect God's response to Adam and Eve's shame in Genesis 3:20-21?


7. In Genesis 9:24-28, what is the outcome of Noah's response to Ham's sinful behavior, and what is the significance of this curse and blessing?


8. How does the story of Noah and his sons relate to the concept of honoring parents, and what does the Bible teach about honoring our parents?


9. What does the sermon suggest about the importance of allowing God to cover up our shame and not letting shame define us?


10. How can shame affect our relationship with God, and what steps can we take to let go of shame and fully embrace God's grace in our lives?


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