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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Red Letter Day Week 4 - It Is Finished

1. Reflect on the moment in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus surrendered to God's will, saying, "Not my will, but yours be done." How does this moment of surrender resonate with your own experiences of submission to God's plan?

2. Consider the significance of Jesus saying, "It is finished," on the cross. What does this statement reveal about the completion of Jesus' mission and the fulfilment of prophecy?

3. Discuss the various prophecies from the Old Testament that were fulfilled through Jesus' crucifixion. How do these fulfilled prophecies strengthen your faith in Jesus as the Messiah?

4. Explore the concept of Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice, drawing parallels between the shedding of His blood and the sacrificial system in the Old Testament. How does Jesus' sacrifice bring forgiveness and atonement for our sins?

5. How does Jesus' willingness to take our place demonstrate God's love and grace toward us personally and toward humanity?

6. Consider the significance of Jesus' suffering and how it relates to His mission on earth. How does Jesus' suffering on the cross demonstrate His love for us and His commitment to fulfilling God's plan of salvation?

7. Discuss the importance of faith in Jesus alone for salvation. How does faith in Jesus as the Lamb of God lead to forgiveness and reconciliation with God?

8. Reflect on the invitation to say "Yes" to Jesus and commit your life to Him. What steps can you take to deepen your commitment to following Jesus and living according to His will?

9. What does it mean to surrender your entire life to Christ, and how does this commitment transform your relationship with God? 

10. Consider the significance of Easter and the opportunity to invite others to experience the life-changing message of Jesus' death and resurrection. How can you actively share the message of salvation with those around you?



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