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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Pre-Decide Week 4
Getting Closer to God

  1. What are some of the different activities you spend time on throughout the week?

  2. Which part of this message was the most impactful for you and why?

  3. Read Acts 2:42-43. What does it mean to be devoted to Jesus? How does your life compare to the lives of these early followers of Christ?

  4. When you think about Jesus calling Himself the vine and us the braces, what does that bring up for you?

  5. What are some ways that you practice being devoted to Jesus throughout the week?
    Talk about some differences between being partially devoted and fully devoted.


  6. Describe a time or moment when you felt close to God. How does that time compare to your life right now, and what might need to change in your life to begin feeling close to God again?

Take the opportunity to pre-decide a time, place, and plan for meeting with God. Then, apply those decisions to your life this week.


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