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  • Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Jesus and We - Week 4 
    Anything Short of Sin

    Rate your love for people without Christ on a scale of “Apathetic” to “Passionate”:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Reaching People with the Love of Christ:
    Bear some burdens. Mark 2:3
    Break some rules. Mark 2:4

    1.Who do you know that needs Christ?
    2.What can you do to expose them to the good news of Christ’s love?

    1. Running with scissors? Swimming after eating? What rules do you find yourself breaking that seem totally worth it?

    2. What do you like about our church that you could share with others? What about inviting them to this group?

    3. Share what got you to come to our church for the first time. After hearing everyone’s story, what tactics could apply to how you can be more effective at bringing others with you?

    4. What behaviors did you consider to come up with your rating of your love for people without Christ?

    5. Sometimes you have to be willing to play the long game. Sometimes you need to be more direct. Who have you known a long time who you may need a more direct approach? How will you make a bigger effort to reach them?

    6. Jesus ate with sinners. What are some ways you can get more involved in the lives of people who are far from Christ?

    7. Is the workplace off-limits? Talk about how you feel like your faith could play a bigger part in your work relationships?

    8. How could you start a dialog with an extended family member or long-time friend who you haven’t shared Jesus with before?

    9. What have been obstacles for you in the past for not being more passionate about reaching others for Christ?

    Think of three people you know who need Jesus in their lives. What will you do this week to reach out to them?

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