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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Pre-Decide Week 3
Love Your Neighbor

1. Have you ever felt loved as a neighbor by someone else? How so?

2. Read Luke 10:25-37.

3. How does Jesus challenge the lawyer's perspective on defining a neighbor?

4. In the parable, how do the priest and Levite respond to the wounded man, and what does it reveal about their understanding of a neighbor?

5. Discuss the cultural significance of a Samaritan helping a Jewish man.

6. How can we sometimes limit our definition of a neighbor based on similarities or comfort?

7. How can we apply the concept of breaking barriers in our own lives when it comes to helping others? 

8. How is mercy portrayed as a key theme in the parable, and what does this reveal about God's character?

9. Discuss the challenge Jesus issues to his followers: "Go and do likewise." What, specifically, is most difficult for you in loving your neighbors?

10. How can we pre-decide to love our neighbors and make a positive impact in our community? What are some practical steps we can take to "go and do likewise"?


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