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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Keep The Change Week 3

1. What distinguishes generous giving from giving comfortably, conveniently, or sparingly, and how does it impact the giver?

2. How does the concept of  "Public Storage"  being a blind spot for American culture relate to the inconsistency with God’s Word, as mentioned by the Russian missionary?

3. The sermon challenges the notion of tithing as 10% being unbiblical. How does the New Testament redefine generosity, and what role does Jesus play in shaping our understanding of giving?

4. Reflect on the example of the Macedonian church, giving beyond their ability even in extreme poverty. How can we apply the principle of sacrificial giving in our own lives?

5. Do you believe in giving to receive, as mentioned in the sermon? How does the Scripture justify this concept, and what is the ultimate purpose behind giving?

6. Discuss the tension presented in the sermon between giving generously and giving cheerfully. How can giving be an act of worship, and what role does joy play in our giving?

7. Share any personal experiences of giving reluctantly or under compulsion. How can we transition from reluctant giving to cheerful giving?

8. Read 2 Corinthians 9:8-11. What promises are given to those who sow generously? How does the analogy of a farmer sowing seeds relate to our giving?

9. Explore the dual meaning of  "give faithfully" as discussed in the sermon. How can we give in faith, and why is regularity important in our giving?

10. In what ways can our small group collectively give generously, cheerfully, and faithfully? Are there specific areas or missions we can support together, and how can we encourage each other in this journey?


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