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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Pre-Decide Week 2
3 Keys to Overcoming Temptation


  1. Which part of this message was most impactful to you and why?

  2. What is your thought process like when you make plans for the future?

  3. Read Matthew 26:41. Discuss a time when God helped you make the right decision or avoid temptation. What was that experience like?

  4. What does it look like to “move the line” when you’re fighting temptation?  How could your Small Group help you put distance between yourself and temptation?

  5. Consider the areas of your life where you’re most vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks. Share these with your Small Group. Talk about your escape plan now, so that you’re prepared when the devil attacks.

This week, pre-decide how you’ll respond to temptation by moving the line, magnifying the cost, and planning your escape.


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