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Small Group Questions for Sermon Give Thanks

1. Reflecting on Psalm 100:4, how does the idea of entering God's gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise resonate with your experiences at One Life Church?


2. According to the shared testimonies, what qualities make One Life Church a welcoming community? How does this align with the exhortation in 1 Peter 3:8-9?


3. Considering the theme of people being open to letting Jesus change their lives, how have you personally witnessed or experienced transformation within the One Life community?


4. How does the church's outreach to the community, align with the biblical call to serve and help those in need (Acts 20:35)?


5. In what ways does One Life Church show hospitality, as mentioned in the testimonies? How can hospitality be a powerful expression of love and community building (Romans 12:13)?


6. Reflecting on the significance of children and youth ministry, how does the dedication to teaching and Sunday School impact both the young members and the broader church community?

7. Considering the theme of generosity and sharing, how do the members of One Life embody the principles outlined in Hebrews 13:16 and 3 John 1:5,8?


8. Discuss the idea of living a life of gratitude as a transformative journey. How does gratitude, even in challenging circumstances, reflect a deep trust in God's unchanging character?


9. How can the church community collectively live out the call to be encouragers, especially in times of adversity, as mentioned in the sermon?

10. As a closing reflection, share something specific you appreciate about someone in the group, following the sermon's call to be an encourager. How can expressing gratitude strengthen the bonds within the community?



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