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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Keep The Change Week 2

  1. What does it mean when it's said that "our stuff owns us," and why is this a concern in our culture today?

  2. In what ways do people often place their identity, trust, and dependence in their possessions and wealth rather than in God?

  3. Share examples of parables or scriptures in the Bible that caution us about the love of money and wealth. What lessons can we draw from them?

  4. How can we ensure that we have nice things without letting those things control our lives?

  5. What is the significance of the verse Luke 16:10-13, and how can we apply its message in our lives regarding money and serving God?

  6. What are some common pitfalls of comparison in the context of wealth and possessions? How does it impact our lives and finances?

  7. Discuss the concepts of gratitude, humility, and contentment as tools to combat the influence of materialism and comparison in our lives. How can we practice these virtues?

  8. How does the need for community, as mentioned in Luke 12:7, relate to our financial well-being and our lives in general?

  9. What are some practical steps and strategies for creating and maintaining a budget, and why is it essential in managing our finances?

  10. How does the idea of "You are your mistake" relate to our self-worth and financial decisions? How can we learn to give ourselves grace when we make financial mistakes?


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