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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Faith Full Week 5 - Pre-Decide

There is no progress without discipline. And many times, what begins as an ought to may become a want to.

1. Is there something you currently enjoy doing that began as a discipline? If so, what made the difference?

2. Growing up, were you encouraged to develop habits that could be described as private spiritual disciplines (prayer, meditation, devotions, giving, fasting)? Did these habits carry into adulthood? Why or why not?

3. Read Matthew 6:1–4 and Matthew 6:5–6. Jesus assumed his audience was in the habit of giving and praying. What about you? When it comes to giving and praying, do you trend reactive or proactive? Would you be willing to be proactive for the next 30 days?

4. If you were to embrace this challenge for the next 30 days, what would you guess would be the main benefit? What would you want it to be? Is that worth doing the challenge?

30-Day Challenge

Daily Devotions • Percentage Giving • Corporate Worship


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