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Small Group Questions for Guest Speaker Series Week 3 Justin Raulston


1) Icebreaker: What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done? Share the details.

If you knew you couldn't fail and if money was no obstacle, what is one thing you would try?


2) Reflecting on the sermon from Sunday (3/5), what are some of your takeaways? What points stood out to you and why?


3) Read Acts 8:26-40

a) Like Justin mentioned on Sunday, going to the dessert for Phillip wasn't going to be a comfortable ordeal. The risk of highway robbery or other trouble was high. In consideration of your faith, what have been some of the more uncomfortable situations you have been in? Was attending church the first time uncomfortable? Baptism? First discussion about sin? What made them uncomfortable? Leading through those uncomfortable situations, were the outcomes beneficial or not? How so?


b) Justin is the regional lead for the Christian Student Fellowship chapter in Nebraska. This organization routinely puts themselves in the path of broken college students and tough questions. Would you feel prepared enough to go have a biblical discussion with a small group of college students? If so, what helped you prepare yourself for such an engagement? If not, what do you think is hindering you from being capable of doing so? (James 1:5, Acts 4:13)


c) The story of the Ethiopian eunuch is also one of courage and diligence. He was willing to go somewhere in which he was the outsider, be open to a constructive conversation with a stranger, and be baptized near immediately following his understanding of the scripture. What is your next step of faith? What is an area of growth you can adventure into bravely and humbly? Baptism? Offering? Regular Prayer? Service of others? Biblical Conversations with the lost and the seeking?


3) Read Philippians 1:19-30 and apply the S.O.A.P. method to close out your small group discussion. Feel free to relate this section of scripture to the points made earlier. (Here is a potentially helpful webpage to read if you are looking for a better explanation of the SOAP method:



  • Read the scriptures.

  • What observations did you make about the scripture?

  • How is this scripture applicable to you and to others?

  • Take some time as a group to pray about what you have read and discussed today.

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