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Discussion Question for Sermon Series Beyond Washing Your Hands - Week 2


1.  Have you ever been annoyed at someone for calling you the wrong name?


2.  Read Acts 4:36-37.  Have you ever had someone give you a nickname?  What was it?


3.  Why do you think so many people in the bible were given different names? 


4.  Read Acts 9:26-27.  Why do you think it was so hard for the disciples to trust Saul?


5.  How do you think Barnabus decided to give Saul a Chance?


6.  How hard is it to give someone another chance knowing they might hurt you?


7.  Read Acts 11:22-25.  How did Barnabus encourage the greek believers in Antioch?


8.  Why do you think he went and got Paul?


9.  How important is encouragement today with all that has been going on?  What can you do to you encourage someone or  someones right now?


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