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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Aftermath Part 3

While Christianity draws many roots from the Old Testament, the early days of the New Testament church were marked by radical decisions that would set it on a new trajectory. These decisions continue to shape and challenge the church today.

1. What was your first Bible lesson or Bible concept that you learned? Have you ever disagreed with or had difficulty accepting a lesson or concept you were taught?

2. Read Acts 15:1-5. For those who were upholding the Law of Moses (those uphold the law of circumcision), what was the biggest concern in leveling the playing field to become a Christian? Why didn’t they want to give in on these rules?

3. Read Acts 15:9. In what ways do Christians make it difficult for others to turn to God? In what ways can the Church move in the direction of those seeking God rather than requiring them to move in the Church’s direction?

4. Is there a way that Christians can appreciate the Old Testament while still living by the values and imperatives of the New Testament?

5. For some, the message in Acts 15 is very liberating. For others, it can be incredibly challenging. What do you need God to help you with to apply this message today?

We should not make it difficult for those who are turning to God. The faith of the next generation may depend on it. Your neighbor’s faith may depend on it. Some day, your faith may depend on it as well.



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