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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Aftermath Week 2

Jesus was irresistible. People from all different backgrounds were drawn to him. But as the early church was forming, there was a tendency to go back to their familiar religious traditions rather than live by Jesus’ new covenant. Sometimes  we do the same.

1. What were you taught about the Bible when you were younger, whether you went to church or not?

2. It’s understandable that people, especially those who grew up in church, mix and match Old Testament and New Testament values. Which is easier for you to relate to? Why?

3. Read Acts 10:27-28 and 10:34-35. What is the biggest difference between Peter’s old beliefs and his new beliefs?

4. In today’s American culture, our understanding of Old Testament and New Testament values looks different than it did for Peter and Jewish Christians, but we still mix them up. How do we untangle the old and new values in our hearts and minds?

5. Why is it important that we fully embrace the new covenant? What’s at stake if we don’t?

What does the Bible say about that? Oftentimes, the Old Testament says one thing while the New Testament says something different. Fortunately, we live under a new covenant, a covenant that Jesus set for us. In other words, maybe it’s clearer to ask, “What does Jesus say about that?”



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