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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Aftermath Week 1

1. What were you taught as a child about the Bible’s significance? Who were your most important faith influences at that time? What would you say was the foundation of their faith?

2. At what point did you begin to question your childhood faith? What influenced your doubt?

3. If you were to ask your friends why they don’t follow Jesus now, what do you think they would say? What might they say is the foundation of the Christian faith?

4. Read Acts 2:22-39. Many in Peter’s audience were stopped in their tracks at his words. What moved them most about what he said? How can his message encourage us to change our minds about where to place our confidence?

5. As you think about the next generation and consider raising kids and grandkids, what problems do you think we face in helping them establish a firm foundation of faith? Where should we encourage them to place their hope and confidence?

6. Think about the early church and its people, who put their complete trust in Jesus without having a Bible in front of them. What would need to change in order for you to have that kind of faith? How can you begin to explore a faith that’s built on the foundation of the resurrection of Jesus?

When you lose your fear of death, all fear is gone. The disciples’ hope was not in the Scriptures, but what they had seen and heard. The reason for our faith in Jesus—and thus our hope—is the resurrection. 


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