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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series 90 Ninety on 3.22.2020

Jesus introduced the most powerful, transformational, and inspirational leadership principle on the planet. Every leader you respect practices it. The leaders you don’t respect don’t practice it. You can lead without it, but you won’t be a leader worth following unless you embrace it. 

  1. How would you define greatness in leadership? Talk about one of the best leaders you’ve followed. What qualities made that person worth following?

  2. Read Mark 9:30–36. Jesus redefines great leadership in Mark 9:35. Does his definition seem realistic and achievable in your world? Why or why not?

  3. If Christians embraced Jesus’ words in Mark 10:42–45, how might it change the church’s reputation in the world?

  4. If you redefined great leadership based on Jesus’ upside-down definition, what would you have to change about how you lead? What might you have to sacrifice? What might you gain?

  5. Read Mark 10:42–43. Do you need to do a better job of serving someone you lead? If so, what would it look like to leverage your influence on that person’s behalf?

  6. Imagine how your family, workplace, or church might be different if you began practicing Jesus’ upside-down leadership. As you consider these areas of your life, who do you need to ask, “How can I help?” How can this group encourage you and help you follow through on the answers you receive?

Against all odds, the followers of a crucified teacher with no territory, military, or authority survived and multiplied. And they did so because they embraced a counterintuitive leadership principle: the first go last. That feels unnatural, but when we see it, we admire it. Christians are called to it. And it begins with a question: How can I help? 


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